Curriculum for Wales

The world is changing and schools in Wales need to adapt. To address these challenges, the Welsh Government wants to make sure that your child has the knowledge, skills and experiences they’ll need to make the most of life. Teachers and education experts from across Wales have been working together to develop the Curriculum for Wales.

The new curriculum is designed for all children. It will support your child with creative lessons with real-life meaning. It will suit their needs and help them reach their full potential. The world is more connected nowadays, so what they learn is more connected too. Knowledge is really important, and they will also be given the skills and experiences they need for a fast-changing world.

Areas of Learning and Experience

Expressive Arts

In Expressive Arts, your child will explore art, dance, drama, film and digital media and music to develop their creative, artistic and performance skills. 

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Well-being is about looking after their physical and mental health including emotional well-being. They’ll learn about healthy eating and how to make good decisions, deal with influences and develop healthy relationships. 


In Humanities children will learn about the world, society and events in the past and present. They’ll explore the challenges and opportunities that face us, and what ethical action we can take to safeguard the world and its people in the future. 

Languages, Literacy and Communication

In Languages, Literacy and Communication, your child will learn to use Welsh, English and other languages. They’ll study and create literature, and communicate in spoken, written or visual ways including poetry, drama and film. 

Mathematics and Numeracy

In Mathematics and Numeracy, your child will develop their understanding of numbers and use symbols. They’ll explore shapes and measurement and learn about statistics and probability. 

Science and Technology

In Science and Technology your child will learn about biology, chemistry, physics, computer science and design and technology. They’ll learn about design and engineering, living things, matter, forces and energy, and how computers work.  

Cross Curricular Skills

Literacy, numeracy and digital competence are mandatory cross-curricular skills within Curriculum for Wales. It is the responsibility of all teachers to embed these skills across all lessons. How literacy, numeracy and digital competence skills are developed will be decided at a school-to-school level and will fit with individual schools’ approaches.